FB Profile Pic RectangleI’m Erika Ensign, a communications professional based in Edmonton, Alberta, who works with clients and colleagues worldwide. (I am a US citizen and Canadian permanent resident.)

Clear communication is a thread running through my whole life. In addition to more than 10 years’ experience technical writing and editing, I’m an essayist, blogger, and award-winning podcaster. Please contact me if you’d like to chat about how I can assist you.


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1998, earning a degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Radio, Television, and Film. Since then, I’ve focused on work that emphasizes communication skills. Writing, speaking, and helping others to do both effectively–that’s my calling.

I’ve worked in varied industries including software, biotech, insurance, IT, and telecommunications. In every case, I provided top-notch documentation and helped keep departments running smoothly by ensuring stakeholders understood the impact of each project.

My body of podcasting and voice work grows continually. I’m an award-winning podcaster with skills and experience on both sides of the mic.

What I can do for you

  • As a writer–
    • Smoothly translate technical jargon to lay-terms
    • Use a simple, accessible writing style
    • Swiftly and accurately proofread and edit
  • As a podcast consultant–
    • Ask the right questions to help you plan your podcast
    • Help you avoid common podcasting pitfalls
    • Recommend equipment and software appropriate for your experience and budget
    • Provide feedback to help you improve your podcast
  • As a podcast producer–
    • Reduce awkward pauses, background noises, and Skype issues
    • Combine audio tracks to include multiple speakers, music, and sound effects
    • Seamlessly and elegantly piece together a podcast from the remnants of a recording session-gone-wrong
  • As a vocal performer–
    • Read in a clear voice at an appropriate pace
    • Inject energy and spirit when required
    • Use quality recording equipment to ensure excellent sound

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