I started podcasting in 2012 as a guest on other people’s shows. I enjoyed it so much I soon put my A/V production background to use and launched my own show. Verity! has been nominated for several awards and has a devout following as one of the most popular Doctor Who podcasts in the world. Since then, I’ve become involved in several podcasts, both on and behind the mic.

I’ve been interviewed about podcasting and podcast topics several times:

Podcast Consulting

One of my favorite things is helping others start or improve their own podcasts. I’ve successfully launched enough shows that I know what to avoid and what to realistically aim for. There are no hard and fast “rules” in podcasting, but there are certainly best practices to follow and pitfalls to steer clear of.

If you’re thinking of starting a new show, or if you want some feedback to improve an existing one, I can help.

Podcast Production

In addition to my own shows, I happily work as a hired gun to get other shows out into the world. The technical side of podcasting was my first love, and I appreciate every opportunity to put those skills to work.

If you need someone to press the buttons behind the scenes while you do the creative and planning work, I can be your button-pusher. Whether you have a one-off episode you don’t have time to edit yourself, a tricky audio track you need cleaned up, or a show you want edited and released each week, I can make it happen.

Audio Editing Tech

When it comes to editing, I use whichever tool gets the job done quickly and easily. Here are some of the programs I use most often:

  • Audacity – I use Audacity to record when I’m only recording my own audio. I also use Audacity’s noise removal feature for tracks that have persistent background noise/hum.
  • Total Recorder – Total Recorder allows me to record both my own audio and a Skype track.
  • Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 – I started editing video before I began focusing on audio, so I’ve always felt comfortable with non-linear video editing programs. Sony Movie Studio Platinum has a wide variety of tools and features for editing audio. I simply remove the video track and render as an audio file.

Podcasting Awards