Technical Writing — Proofreading & Editing — Essays & Published Works

Technical Writing
With over 10 years’ experience technical writing, I’ve had a long and varied career in which I did the following:

  • Created new documentation of internal programs and systems for CapTel
  • Worked as a writer for some of the most technical components of the EHR software at Epic
  • Owned and edited several thousand QA documents at Promega
  • Documented internal processes and programs for Katz Group

Proofreading and Editing
When it comes to the written word, my true passion lies in taking a document and making it perfect. My superpower is my ability to swiftly ferret out poorly-phrased sentences, grammatical errors, typos, and formatting errors. I love working within the boundaries of a specific set of rules, and I excel at absorbing internal style guides to ensure documents meet required criteria.

I regularly do proofing for Uncanny Magazine, as well as proofing and copyediting for independent clients.

Essays / Published Works
I occasionally write essays for books and magazines. Please contact me for rates and availability for prose work.


Essay/Poetry Collections:

For more examples of my non-technical writing style, visit my personal blog.